FAQ Solutions

FAQ Agricultural field Solutions

FAQ bearing widely apply to global agricultural equipment, garden equipment and other industries, it is one of leading agricultural bearing industries. The solutions can help global farmer and landscape designer improve the productivity. We committed to improve our influences in these industries.

FAQ bearing applications:

1. Agricultural-complete harvester, farming equipment, hay binding machine, lawn mowing regulator, cotton picker, drill, planting machine/seeding machine, wheel bearing, disk bearing.....

2. Lawn, garden-cropper wheel and machine tool.

3. Conveyor-grain, aggregate

FAQ agricultural bearing advantages:

1. Great sealing function, extending all kinds of agricultural equipment life;

2. Great customize solutions, can easy use for the worst working conditions;

3. Environmental protection solutions, can decrease labour charges and lubrication cost and machine purchased price cost;

FAQ Automation Industry Solutions

Bearing in Automation Industry working in a bad condition,the work environment in the field of automation In process of spinning or weaving, fine finishing and handling, The “good bearing” means low friction, high precision, zero clearance, easy installation, less maintenance, long life, low noisy and high reliability. These belt pulley is easy to lubricate and low moment of inertia. So they can up to the working rotating speed soon. Besides, these belt tightener can continuous working in 600 per minute mutation rotation and use less energy consumption. These features make the equipment produce average high yield fabric but the price cost decrease.

Our bearing can working in high rotating speed with features of Small amplitude, low noisy, long life, easy maintenance.

We accept customize orders, we can supply special bearing solutions according to your requirements. FAQ solutions can extending life and improving the hard maintenance functions. We have experts consultation and asset management, mature maintenance tools and training to help you : add the yield; decrease the down time; increase overall profitability; decrease running cost; decrease energy consumption; protect environment.

FAQ Machine Tool Industry Solutions

Because the bearing top function, we have succeed in machine tool industry. FAQ bearing is high speed, high precision, low noisy, low heat, and low vibration.

Machine bearing have high precision single angel matched ball bearing, angel matched ball bearing only can support one direction axial load.

When bear load, it lead to additional axial force. And only can limited shaft or shell axial moved in one direction. Angular contact ball bearing is non- isolated design bearing, and inside and outside high or low. It devide into sealed main shaft bearing and open directly lubrication bearing. Main shaft bearing is high precision functional parts, so best choose normal rich experience bearing industry.

FAQ bearing have advantages as follows:

High precision: weiterui main shaft bearing mostly P4, P2 .

High speed: commonly main shaft bearing rotating speed can up to 60 thousand ,80 thousand per minute, and keep excellent performance.

Low heat: bearing keep temperature rise +15℃,keep high speed working temperature 30±5℃.

Long Life: use silicon nitride ceramic ball, decrease temperature rise, main shaft bearing average working life at least one year or more.

FAQ bearing solutions mainly embodied in we can supply special inside and outside diameter tolerance, different contact angel matched group bearing, special preload, special axial play, several other load level, special oil and other solutions according to machine tool industry requirements; Now machine tool design have already became more complicated, so in order to satisfied with special requirements of main parts, we release ultra-precision machine tool bearing custom business.